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Do you feel that loneliness takes over you? Do you offer personal services that can make someone else’s life more fulfilling? Lanka Ads welcomes you with open arms! Whether you’re looking for an intimate service, companionship, or someone to share your Sri Lanka adventure with, our platform is built to help you connect with the perfect partner, no matter your preferences or interests.

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Spa ads in Sri Lanka to pamper you with more than just a massage

For those seeking an intimate experience, there are multiple ads and ideas to spend time on. From spa-like relaxation to joy-filled private sessions, our platform has something for those who feel lonely and are missing feminine or masculine companionship. Here’s a glance at what experiences you can treat yourself to after discovering spa ads in SriLanka:

Our authenticity policy

Lanka Ads’ personal picture policy sets the rules for service providers using our platform’s exposure. Simply put, users who can’t verify their photos are prohibited from publishing ads and alluring customers for obscure experiences. This is helpful for you because:

The real-picture policy is inherent in all requirements governing the placement of personal ads in Sri Lanka via our platform. If you can see a profile brimming with photos, it has been verified and checked for authenticity. That’s what we persistently do for a high satisfaction rate among users.

Attract more eyes as a service provider

If you’re based in Sri Lanka and provide spa, companionship, or intimate services, you can post your ads at Lanka Ads. This will give your profile increased visibility to:

Photo authenticity and age requirements are the only ones for service providers. If you’re okay with them, proceed to publish your ads!