Kindly take note!!!
This is Not another fake profile with random photos from the internet.
This ad is strictly for GENUINE ladies and Couples ONLY!

I'll keep it to the point.

You can call me Sheran.
I'm a 30-year-old single professional in digital marketing based in Colombo.
I think of myself as being compassionate and open-minded. I do mean it, though.
As you can see, I have attached my real photos herewith, and I should note that I take good care of my health and strive to be physically strong throughout the year.I don't do drugs, but I'm always up for a drink and a good talk.

I consider myself to be a fairly stable individual and am not seeking friends with benefits.
Here, I'm looking for professional ladies and couples with respectable backgrounds for a short-term relationship.
of course, If things go well, no barrier in the long term.

we only get one life. I understand we have our own desires and fantasies. I do have lots of fantasies. due to the Sri Lankan cultural issue, these are limited and stuck in our minds. let's be open and get to know each other. this way, so we could have our freedom.

You could be single, you could be married, a divorcee, or any type of person. If you are looking for lust & pleasure to enjoy
the life in a genuine way discreetly, that's what I'm looking for here too.

As we are human beings and grown adults, we must respect each other's privacy and should have the curtsy to move
on with respect if the table is no longer served. No commitment and nothing is taken for granted. You are free to go whenever you wish, leaving no traces.
I'm not JUST saying these words, I mean it.

I must mention that I'm nowhere near the "Typical Sri Lankan Sick" mindset of people who continuously call, message,
taking video calls directly without any consent from the other person. NOT AT ALL. It's 100% guaranteed.

you can confirm that's really me in these pics by taking a call/Vid call if you are really into this.

So please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you're the person I'm looking for.
Until then,
Love and Peace!

❌❌❌Stricly this is NOT for Prostitutes, Guys, and Gay people. This is ONLY for ladies and Couples!
So Do not waste my time Please!❌❌❌

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